This page provides a selected list of my publications in academic journals and conference proceedings. Follow me on Google Scholar or ResearchGate to see all of my latest work.


  • Kozodoi, N., Katsas, P., Lessmann, S., Moreira-Matias, L., & Papakonstantinou, K. (2020). Shallow Self-Learning for Reject Inference in Credit Scoring. In ECML PKDD 2019 Proceedings (pp. 516-532). Springer, Cham. [PDF on ResearchGate] [published version]


  • Kozodoi, N., Lessmann, S., Papakonstantinou, K., Gatsoulis, Y., & Baesens, B. (2019). A multi-objective approach for profit-driven feature selection in credit scoring. Decision Support Systems, 120, 106-117. [PDF on ResearchGate] [published version]

  • Kozodoi, N., Lessmann, S., Baesens, B., & Papakonstantinou, K. (2019). Profit-Oriented Feature Selection in Credit Scoring Applications. In Operations Research 2018 Proceedings (pp. 59-65). Springer, Cham. [PDF on ResearchGate] [published version]